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Welcome to Askari Securites Limited

ASL’s Board of directors comprises of the following directors:

Mr. Abdus Samad Khan, Chairman
Mr. Abdus Samad Khan was nominated as a director at the Board of Directors (BoD) of Askari Securities Limited (ASL) by the Askari Bank Ltd (AKBL) on July 12, 2013. He is also the Chairman of the BoD. Mr. Abdus Samad is presently designated as Country Head Agriculture & Rural Business Development at AKBL. He possesses diversified banking experience spanning over 33 years in the field of Commercial, Corporate, Treasury and Investment Banking.

Mr. Faheem Sardar, Chief Executive Officer/Director
Mr. Faheem Sardar is serving ASL since February, 2010 as a Chief Executive Officer and director. He has also been nominated as a “Nominee Director” to represent ASL at the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX). Mr. Faheem also served as a General Manager and Chief Operating Officer at Lahore Stock Exchange.

Brig. Tanvir Ahmed Khan (Retd), Director
Brig. Tanvir Ahmed Khan (Retd) is serving as director Monitoring and Audit with AWT. He was nominated as director by the AWT at the BoD of ASL on December 01, 2015.


Mr. Rehan Mir, Director
Mr. Rehan Mir is serving as a director of ASL since April 28, 2009. He is the nominee of AKBL at the BoD of ASL. Mr. Rehan is presently designated as the Global Treasurer at the Treasury Division of the AKBL. He possesses over 34 years banking experience mainly in Treasury Operations, Money Market and Foreign Exchange Operations.


Brig. (R) Ashraf Ali, Director
Brig. Shahid Ahmed (Retd) was nominated as director by the Army Welfare Trust (AWT) at the BoD of ASL on July 07, 2017. He is serving as director with different projects of AWT such as Research & Investment, Risk and Legal Departments etc.


Mr. Adil Abbas Zaidi, Director
Mr. Adil Zaidi is the Country Head of the International Banking Division of AKBL. He was nominated as a director at the BoD of ASL on June 18, 2015. He is a seasoned banker with 38 years of diversified professional experience in different banks in different countries. 


Mr. Saleem Anwar, Director
Mr. Saleem Anwar was nominated as a director on the BoD of ASL by the Askari Bank Ltd. on September 17, 2008. He is presently designated as a Chief Financial Officer of the AKBL. He has extensive experience spanning over 20 years in the fields of finance, taxation, audit, planning & corporate affairs in Pakistan & abroad. 


Audit Committee

Brig (R) Tanvir Ahmed Khan
Director Monitoring & Audit
Army Welfare Trust
Mr. Adil Abbas Zaidi, Member
Country Head of International Banking Division
Askari Bank Ltd
Mr. Saleem Anwar, Member
Chief Financial Officer
Askari Bank Ltd

Governance Training

Mr. Faheem Sardar, CEO Askari Securities Limited, is an active member of the Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance faculty.

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